clouds colliding

by rosie nimmo



this is the song I wrote in response to the escalating refugee crisis. I wrote it in early July 2015 before the more awful events of the last few weeks had happened. All of the money raised from it is going to Mercy Corps, a charity who do fantastic work in many parts of the world - here's a link to how they explain it best -
Please do as much as you can to help, by buying this song, sharing the link with your friends and contacts and/or getting involved in some way yourself. Every little will help.


Can you feel the clouds colliding; can you hear the distant thunder roar?
I believe a flood is coming like we’ve never seen, never seen, like we’ve never seen before

All those people you know their faces; all those people on your screen
They don’t make the front page anymore but they’re the survivors, they’re the survivors
They’re the survivors of things you just would not believe

With hopes and dreams and aspirations
They pour out to the sea
Washing up on our shores, to our closed hearts and doors
And we’re so lucky, you and me

Yes I can feel the clouds colliding; I can hear the distant thunder roar
And I know a flood is coming like we’ve never seen, like we’ve never seen, never seen before
Like we’ve never seen, like we’ve never seen, never seen before


released April 9, 2015
Rosie Nimmo, vox, Stuart Allardyce, guitar, Marc Pilley, keys and Hammond.




rosie nimmo Scotland, UK

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